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2019 OKU seminar

July 13. 2019

On July 13, 2019  at the Beulah United Methodist Church, 907 Kimberlin Hts. Rd. Knoxville, Tennessee the OKINAWAN KARATE DO UNION (OKU) will hold its annual summer seminar.  These annual July seminars were initiated by Grand Master Allen Wheeler over 30 years ago.  The OKU is proud to continue these seminars in the same tradition and spirit as Master Wheeler intended. 

Last year the seven seminar instructors were some of the best we have had at the annual seminar in many years.  They included Grand Master Pete Mills – 10th Dan, Grand Master Daniel Holloway – 9th Dan, Master Karl Wagner – 8th Dan, Professor Michael Patrick - 7th Dan, Master James Alley – 8th Dan, Master Kathryn Eldridge – 6th Dan, and Sensei Bob Noel – 4th Dan.  Together they presented a full day of insights, advanced techniques, and solid fundamentals that Grand Master Wheeler would have fully approved of.

The seminar was very well attended by karateka from 10th kyu to 10th Dan, as well as a few non-students interested in self-defense techniques.  Topics ranged from Master Wheeler's "Mushin Principle" to self-defense techniques for women, children, and older folks, to Master Shimabuku’s art as taught to Master Mitchum, to Advanced Kyusho Jutsu, to utilizing body mechanics for maximum results through minimum effort, and Sanchin kata as it applies to most Okinawan styles.  In addition, each seminar session included lively exchanges of ideas, concepts, and principles between the instructors and the karateka involved.  The caliber of instruction itself generated numerous new insights and questions on the part of the students.  The instructors were more than gracious in offering their expert views on the various questions raised.


The OKU wishes to thank each of the instructors for their time, effort, and dedication in assisting others in improving their karate skills and knowledge.  Doing so is in the tradition and spirit of Grand Master Wheeler legacy. We also want to extend our thanks to the Beulah United Methodist Church for providing a terrific venue for this year’s seminar.  We hope to be able to continue our relationship with them.

Thanks again to everyone involved in making this year’s annual summer seminar a wonderful success.

About the Association

Founded by Master Allen Wheeler (10th-Dan), the OKU is a martial arts organization open to all Okinawan Karate styles and styles of Okinawan descent. Since its inception in 1989, the OKU has become known for the quality of its members. The OKU provides a wide variety of opportunities for continuous improvement in the martial arts. The OKU now boasts members from around the world.

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